The Defining Factor - September 3rd, 2017 - mjsmotophotos

The defining factor (for success) is never resources; its resourcefulness. - Tony Robbins

When I was a kid I spent a lot of time at various race tracks; mostly Seattle International Raceway or as we referred to it, SIR. Dad had a 67 VW Bug he had built to do low 12’s on the qm, and if you know racing you know that ain’t too shabby! One of the recollections that stands out prominent every time I think back is the way my dad seemed to have an answer for every obstacle. It seemed breaking down was a part of racing, because we blew something up all the time. Bracket racing allows the driver down-time between races, so if he blew something up he had the 3 of us kids to send out to the pits and swap meet areas. We all had something to acquire and it became a game of chance, luck and a little skill finding what we needed then racing back to the trailer to get it to Dad so he could tack shit together in time to line up for the next race. Looking back it’s safe to say my father was one hell of a resourceful man. He was the kind of man who if he came home to a cold house because there was no fire wood, would walk out to the back yard and down a tree… in the snow, in the dark, with a hand saw. That was my pops, not a talker a DOER. He didn’t ever (and I do mean ever) complain, he didn’t get held up on limitations, he simply put rubber to road and got shit done.

I’ve noticed a trend in the ventures I have chosen to take in this life. It seems I always start with less than most. I struggle with the setback of being at a disadvantage, yet consistently have found a way to get around the obstacle, even if it means taking the longer road. Something to note here, this does not necessarily mean it has taken longer, simply that I have put in more hours. It requires me to sleep less and socialize less, basically prioritize by majorly micro managing my time to accomplish my goal. And thus far it’s worked. The only things I have not accomplished are the ones I didn’t want bad enough. If I did, I would have put in the time to take the longer road all the while not taking more time to get to the same result. It’s not tricky, simply put you MUST have to have your ‘why’ burned into your every action… then and only then is anything attainable.


September 3rd, 2017

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