12419 Alive - September 16th, 2017 - mjsmotophotos

In the 12419 days since I entered this world, it’s safe to say I've experienced a lifetime.

I wasn't born with the most, growing up we often went without... but my parents were good people, with honest intentions. My father was the hardest working man I've ever known, who taught me strong values; endurance, perseverance and above all else, resourcefulness. When we often didn't have what we needed, we made it, worked for it, traded for or somehow found it. I did not know until recently how valuable this would become in my life. What I did not recognize then, is that life is not about always having the resources.

I am a living example of this, with literally anything and everything my heart has told me I must pursue. My whole life nothing has been given to me, no one helping me out, no plan B or backup plan I just had to make due with what I had.... which always seemed to never be enough. For a long time I resented this truth, sticking to my story of being the 'poor kid that's gone without' and refusing to let the Universe change my story. 🌏 Little did I know that all along the suffering was leading to a sharpening of those skills Dad instilled in me; learning how to become what I now am... the most resourceful human alive.

What I've discovered is that resources are limited, but resourcefulness is limitless. #rememberthis 

My advice to you: Don't limit yourself with the things you 'don't have' or the reasons why not. Find a way, the universe is on your side ready and willing to help. These images are special to me. They represent who I am, where I've been, and where I'm going. I am the model, the artist and the photographer πŸ’š I am mj

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September 16th, 2017

12419 Days Old